Texas CEO Roundtable


What We Do

The CEO Roundtable brings together Fortune 1000 leading executives to discuss hot topics in economics, community wellbeing, environmental responsibility, innovation and more. This unique opportunity creates a platform for top executives across industries to exchange ideas while formulating solutions that benefit the workforce and greater public. Collaborative, growth-oriented roundtable sessions are thinktanks designed to better position our community and its businesses to responsibly succeed, grow and prosper.


How it works

CEOs from Texas’ top Fortune 1000 companies meet annually in confidential setting in a pledge to solve many of today’s relevant issues such as advancements for women and people of color into leadership positions, integrating more environmentally responsible business practices and essential fundraising critical to the livelihood of community programs. Roundtable members decide today’s most pressing issues and share data, insights and leverage relationships in order to execute a plan of action across multi-organizational teams.



Gather Round

Collaboration matters. Leadership from the top Fortune 1000 companies have a seat at the table. Contact the CEO Roundtable to join the movement.