Responsible, Influential Collaboration Leading Change


A Civic Coalition for Sustainable Change
CEO Roundtable serves as a politically agnostic (or neutral), solution-seeking alliance in which citizens can depend on influential business leaders serve as advocates for policy change at industry and community levels. Through candid, game changing discussions aimed at impacting the way we live, work and communicate, our roundtable collaboration becomes a powerful civic coalition that bridges and heals social and innovation gaps through a process that maps out newer, more productive and inclusive practices and infrastructures.



Framing Solutions Through Collaborative Leadership
Our mission is to infuse Texas corporations and institutions with resources to improve the wellbeing, economic development and environmental stewardship of our communities through direct advocacy.

The CEO Roundtable is an annual conference where Texas’s top business leaders convene with the mutual goal of improving our community. CEOs are some of our community’s most influential and resourceful members. These individuals have the ability and responsibility to challenge our institutions and corporations to better serve our communities’ wellbeing, economic development and environment.

By connecting metropolitan and regional stakeholders, the CEO Roundtable intersects powerful individuals across industry sectors and disciplines to evaluate today’s challenges and opportunities. Roundtable sessions facilitate actionable, measurable efforts in corporate responsibility, civic programs and innovation that may otherwise be hindered by local politics and economies, race, class and location.

Residents across the state benefit from leadership and cultivated planning in that the roundtable:

  • Aligns purpose and strategy across business sectors, disciplines, generations, demographics and geography
  • Enlists and distributes financial, technological and civic resources for community development
  • Directly addresses the intersection of obstacle and the opportunity in areas that matter most
  • Legitimizes issues and amplifies the otherwise unheard voices of citizens

Roundtable members and their companies mutually benefit from the investment because the roundtable:

  • Enhances relations with workforce and community by highlighting the vested interest progressive businesses take in the communities and economy they serve.
  • Facilitates communication across industry sectors and within disciplines
  • Models responsible corporate culture
  • Sets a tone for industry and business policy
  • Garners valuable information, insight and best practices from a diversity of successful companies

Our Purpose

We believe the independence that created Texas is foundational to advancing our communities, companies, and education.

Our purpose is to continue to foster the economic competitiveness, innovation and growth of Texas by improving our workplaces and communities through CEO collaboration.